The Scariest Sock Monster Ever

“The monster is attacking our city again!” “Run, run, everyone ruuuuuuun!” “Oh my goat you’ve gotta see it to believe it!” *o* Here comes our TV Spot project – final group assignment on Digital Visual Effects subject. We had to group up and shoot a real video footage (of persons/objects), then create an 3D background […]

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Blogging Ethics Guide

Generally, all assignments given on our Media Law subject are group projects. For the final project, each group is required to present a video where we would express legal principles or concepts either in the form of a play, musical, song etc. The grading criteria is to make our lecturer understand and learn something about […]

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I see myself as one of the rarest friendly girl on earth, an absolute enthusiast in everything I do! Often sleep less than 5 hours a day as I immerse into my own wonderland too much – drawing and concept developing, observing, capturing moments, admiring music or films, talking and – LOL. Never feel sleepy during a rainy day, loud and hyperactive according to peers, strong self-believe plus believing in great courtesy, enjoy lovely people, etc. It is a crazy bunny who aims to make more happy faces in this world!